Gear rental package

A for Adventure


A for Adventure gear rental program. The user accepts all responsibility for the gear and is expected to bring the gear back in the same condition as is, and on the agreed upon return date. In the event of a manufacturers defects, the user will not be charged (as deemed by the manufacturer).

The renter is agreeing to the terms of this document and agrees they will pay for the replacement in the event it is lost, or damaged. When returning the items, please make sure they are dry, clean and that you have checked for all personal belongings.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Have fun and enjoy the great outdoors responsibly :)

Items in this rental package:

- 2 x sleeping pads ($330 x 2) BRAND: Thermorest Neoair

- 1 x  sleeping bag ($229.99) BRAND: MEC

- 1 x 65L backpack ($299.99) BRAND: North Face Banchee 65L

Total value $1,119 CDN

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