Learn-to Camp Road Trip

Learn-to Camp Road Trip

December 01, 2020 2 Comments

Welcome to the 2020 Learn-to Camp Road Trip: an eight part video series! This summer, things look a little bit different, so we are bringing the campfire stories to YOU

A for Adventure has partnered with the Parks Canada Halifax Learn-to Camp team and travelled around the beautiful province of Nova Scotia to showcase some of the best stories from our national parks and historic sites. These videos are made for kids, and are a great resource for teachers. The videos include learning about invasive species, Mi'kmaq language and culture, identifying birds through song and MORE!

  • EPISODE 1 (3:19): In the Woods song by Jan LaPierre and A for Adventure
  • EPISODE 2 (5:32): Learn-to Play the Spoons with Francois at Grand Pré National Historic Site
  • EPISODE 3 (3:07): Mi'kmaq Friendship song by Ursula Johnson & Ashley Moffat at Kejimkujik National Park
  • EPISODE 4 (5:08): The Great Canadian Crab Hunt with Gabrielle at Kejimkujik Seaside
  • EPISODE 5 (4:22): Who Cooks For You song by Ashley Moffat at Kejimkujik National Park
  • EPISODE 6 (8:14): Mi'kmaq Raven Story by Ursula Johnson at Kejimkujik National Park
  • EPISODE 7 (6:41): Raven & Crow song by Ashley Moffat at Kejimkujik National Park
  • EPISODE 8 (3:21): The Hokey Pokey in Mi'kmaq by Cedar & Rose at Kejimkujik National Park [COMING SOON]



Every summer, the Parks Canada Learn-to Camp team shares their love of the outdoors with as many people as they can. Last summer alone, they reached over 125,000 Canadians across the country! This year, we’re doing our best to share that passion with folks all around Canada by visiting some of our favourite Parks Canada friends on the first ever Learn-to Camp Road Trip. Come join us as we explore some of the amazing things Parks Canada has to offer!

A for Adventure is proud to partner with Parks Canada. The goal of this partnership is to work cooperatively and collaboratively to encourage and invite Canadians to get out and explore our national parks, national historic sites and cultural heritage. A for Adventure's roll includes filming, capturing, sharing as well as creating programs and enhancing the ‘Learn-to Camp’ experience for participants. It is our goal to share this program and beauty of our national parks with as many Canadians as possible and inspire them to want to explore a park near them.


Learn-to Camp is an initiative by Parks Canada to give people the skills to camp! These events are hosted across Canada and offer you the opportunity to learn how to plan and enjoy safe and successful camping trips. Workshops include basic skills such as how to set up a tent, making a fire, cooking in the outdoors, and cultural experiences.

Most Learn-to Camp events are open to anyone; kids, families and individuals of all ages who are looking to experience our national parks and learn some new skills in a safe and fun environment. Events include overnight camping!

No gear? No problem! Parks Canada has you covered with tents, sleeping pads, cooking material and more. So no excuses!



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