About Us

A for Adventure aims to inspire kids, families and people to get out and explore the world around them! We want to inspire the next generation to get outside and play, creating a foundation for a happier, healthier life... and a better life for our planet too!

We believe that spending more time outside connecting with nature helps to build greater curiousity, creativity and resiliency. By spending more time outside, we develop a greater appreciation for our planet and our need to protect it.

It all started with the 'A is for Adventure' children's book: a rhyming A-Z book, each letter a different activity or lesson, accompanied by incredible illustrations to ignite the imagination. Buy book HERE!

Our services also include: world-class video workphotographysocial mediamerchandisepartnershipsspeaking engagementsconsultationbook readings in schools/groups and programming- we love to collaborate! 

We are based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada and can ship to anywhere in the world. If you are a retailer that is interested in selling any of our book, please get in touch with Chris Surette, chris@aforadventure.ca

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