"A rising tide lifts all boats"

At A for Adventure, our goal is to connect people to nature. We are so lucky to work with partners who share our values and want to help us reach as many people as possible. Together, we know we can reach more people and help them get outside and reap the benefits of the natural world.


A for Adventure is a national partner of Parks Canada. We work together to connect more Canadians to nature and encourage them to explore our national parks and historic sites. One of the key elements of the partnership is working collaboratively on the Learn-to Camp program. A for Adventure helps to capture these events through video and photography, helps facilitate, plan and share through social media to encourage more Canadians (new and old) to participate in a Learn-to Camp near them! We are some exciting things on the horizon for 2018 and beyond.

Key links:

Watch the Learn-to Camp Web Series

Watch "New Canadians in our National Parks"

Watch "Camping with Syrian Refugees"

List of Parks Canada's National Partners


We are so proud to be an ambassador and partner of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. Over the last 25 years the NSNT has protected over 15,000 acres of threatened, unique and significant natural areas in Nova Scotia. Through the partnership, A for Adventure aims to help share photos, videos and spread awareness of the work of NSNT. Check out for an exciting campaign 



A for Adventure is a proud partner of the worldwide #NatureForAll movement. The #NatureForAll movement is driven by a growing IUCN-led global coalition of partners who represent a variety of sectors. It aims to build support and action for nature conservation among people from all walks of life by raising awareness and facilitating experiences and connections with the natural world.


The North Face is a leader in the outdoor industry. Their mission is to: "Provide the best gear for our athletes and the modern day explorer, support the preservation of the outdoors, and inspire a global movement of exploration." A for Adventure is honoured to a national partner of The North Face and together inspire more people to get outside and #NeverStopExploring



Helping to keep A for Adventure warm and comfortable in any elements! Baffin believes in designing for extreme performance in challenging conditions - conditions that test both the individual and the gear. Challenges make us stronger and require both physical and mental endurance.


Since 1967, The Trail Shop has been serving Halifax with all their outdoor gear needs. A for Adventure is stoked to partner with owner Sue Stanfield and the team at the Trail Shop as ambassadors. They supply us with gear, support our events and allow us to reach our goal to inspire more people to get out and explore!


We drive a lot. Thanks to our partnership with Steele Auto Group we now drive ELECTRIC! Driving an EV reduces our emissions by 50%, allowing our adventures to be more environmentally friendly which is very important to us. Through this partnership, we aim to show the many benefits of EV's and how they work. Come along for the ride!