Email: jan@aforadventure.ca

Fancy title: Director of Nature Appreciation

His youth was spent camping and adventuring on the shores of Nova Scotia – and he still hasn’t grown up. Jan is the author of the "A is for Adventure" children's book and co-founder of A for Adventure. Jan got his inspiration for the book through his years of guiding adventure trips all over the world and working with youth as a Recreation Therapist. While working with these youth and from his own personal experiences, Jan has realized the power of the great outdoors and has made it his life's mission to share that passion and help kids reconnect with the earth through adventure.



Email: chris@aforadventure.ca

Fancy title: Director of Getting Lost in the Woods

Chris is most alive when he’s outdoors. With a true sense of adventure, there’s not much that Chris hasn’t attempted at least once. He can often be found somewhere in the woods; hiking, camping and exploring this great province and country. His real passion is helping people and especially kids, experience the joy of adventure and the difference being outside in the natural world can make in our lives.  More than ever, he sees the need for kids and families to get outside and learn more about the world we live in.

Chris is the co-founder of A for Adventure. Please contact Chris with any sponsorship, collaboration, media, partnership request, or just send a note to say hello!



aka Acorn Art & Photography

Adam Cornick is a professional photographer based in Halifax, N.S. Adam grew up in the South West of England where his love affair with the outdoors and especially the coast originated. A keen artist, he completed a degree in Fine Art in Cornwall which provided an early introduction to photography. During this time studying, a passion for surfing also developed which only served to enhance the affiliation with the sea and continues to do so to this day as is evident in a lot of his personal photography work. In 2008 Adam and his partner, Rebecca, decided to throw caution to the wind and point a blind finger on the map and move from Cornwall to Nova Scotia. They quit their jobs, sold all their belongings and flew in to a city of strangers with no jobs or a place to live with nothing more than a backpack and surfboard under their arms. Ever since, Adam has documented his new home with imagery from the length and breadth of this amazing little province where luckily you can never be very far from the ocean. Nova Scotia is now very much home and along with their two young Bluenoser kids, they love to explore all that this special corner of the world has to offer.