Family Adventure Trivia

Ocean themed trivia! Aimed at kids aged 5-12 years old. You can watch the trivia ANYTIME and play along on our YouTube channel with our very special guests The Back to the Sea Society - Touch Tank Hut!

For parents, this is an opportunity for your kids to learn about the wonders of the ocean. We hope it helps give the kiddos something fun and educational during this time of isolation!

To play along, all you need to do is:

[1] watch the video

[2] write down the answers (or your best guesses)

[3] take a photo of you playing (don't worry about sending in your actual answers) and send it to

Thanks for all the photos received so far!

You will be able to find the stream here:


If you are looking for more fun things for the kids to do, download this NATURE BINGO card and see if you can cross off all the boxes! We tried to make it so that you can just play in your backyard, or neighbourhood!