Greener Adventures and A for Adventure are teaming up to give away over $2,000 - all thanks to the community that has supported the "Night of Adventure" series talks!


Do you have an adventure in mind, but cost is keeping you from doing it? This might be the easiest grant you've ever applied for! The only rules are that this is a human-powered expedition. It can be anything from a camping trip, bike tour, paddle, hike, skateboard, scooter - anything that gets you outside on an adventure! You don't need to be an experienced outdoors-person either. 

Entries close May 1 2020 11:59PM AST


Send a poem, video, letter, song etc of your dream trip (keep it simple). Please include:

  1. Length of trip and duration (km/days)
  2. Mode of transport
  3. General vision 
  4. Anything else you think makes your trip stand out! (ex. why are you doing it)

Keep it short! A paragraph or two is all you need.

You can use the form below to submit your write up. If applicable, please includes links to videos, photos, social media or any other materials. Keep it short and simple!

If you have any questions, please email Dave Greene at and/or Chris Surette

Good luck and happy adventuring!